Victoria Ester

A sassy half-elf who don't need no man.


Born to a servant girl of a rich human family. Was given to the church of Iomedae. Grew up hating everyone, hated the rules and regulations. Made one or two friends outside of the church and due to that she soon found herself getting out.

After taking to running around town and being a bit of a vigilante, she very quickly became very infamous in the town. At the age of 14, she left the town with not much more than a couple gold, her mothers family bow and the clothes on her back.
Soon after traveling around and learning of her natural talent with both magic and survivalism.

Once she turned about 16 she discovered a small village where someone saw her natural talent with both magic and survivalism. Only referring to him as “Old man” she learned from him, and very quickly picked up the necessary skills and talents to refine her natural abilities. Once she turned 18, Victoria headed out to earn some phat stacks of gold. Being a woman in a man’s job, she was turned away because of her gender.
But being her stubborn self she very quickly proved to both the men around and to her doubters that she was one of the best

Finding herself in need of a large chunk of change, Victoria left the local area and very simply started doing pathfinder, tracking and bounty hunting work for the highest bidder.

Victoria Ester

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