Yet Another Kingmaker

Session 2

Last time on “Kingmaker”:

Minutes after finishing the last of the bandits, another rider appeared at the gates of Oleg’s by the name of Thaun Kai-ron. This monk also bore the charter of exploration, but revealed that he didn’t make it to the mustering grounds in time to set out with the others. He was greeted by five corpses hanging at the front gate.

After interrogating and subsequently executing the remaining bandit, the party set out to explore the surrounding countryside to get a lay of the land. After encountering jack all (minus a couple trappers) and losing a few supplies, the group headed home. At Oleg’s they encountered a small group of fighters led by the nobleman Kesten Garess. The small band included Sacha Kolosenko, a Rostlandic engineer. Her team offered to assist the party in constructing minor upgrades to Oleg’s.

Our adventurers prepared for a subsequent bandit reprisal raid and prepped a catapult. The evening’s watch went mostly uneventfully. However, Orlo noticed a noise and pointed Shafir to a note stuck to the palisade. The bandits were watching. Immediately the alarm was raised and Viktor argued strongly to immediately give chase.

Victoria led the way, but lost the trail at the edge of the Narlmarches. The party thundered to the banks of the Thorn River and after some searching they found the bandit camp seemingly deserted. Her and Thaun approached the camp stealthily, right up until she stepped on a bear trap.

The gig was up, and she shouted for help as the first bandits emerged from the treeline. A short but vicious fight ensued, leaving Thaun incapacitated and many bandits dead; Shafir and Orlo accounting for a number of rock-crushed corpses. Upon the bodies a couple of notes were found, as well as a casket of green liquor. The party took their time getting back to Oleg’s, exploring along the way. A patch of moon radishes, a gold mine, and a spider’s nest were all discovered.

Upon returning to Oleg’s Kesten informed the party that the swordlords had placed a bounty on bandits in the Greenbelt, offering a one time reward once harassment of passing trade caravans has lessened.

A new visitor was also present, a hooded man in plain brown robes. He smiled weakly at our explorers.



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