Yet Another Kingmaker

Session 3

From the diary of Alazan,

“As we returned to Oleg’s, we were greeted by a hooded man by the name of Jhod. He explained to us that he had felt drawn to the Greenbelt to a ruined temple of Erastil. His dreams suggested there was some sort of guardian that would have to be dealt with.

The party resolved to ensure the road leading back to Restov was cleared of any bandit activity and so started scouring the plains south of it.

We first encountered a “man in tune with nature” named Bokken. He talked a bit about his bastard brother and asked if we had ever “really thought about trees, like, ya know, man?” He seemed nice enough and offered to sell us some potions. We thanked him for his offer and assured him we would return if we ever needed them. We found a set of large humanoid tracks leading towards Oleg’s. We followed them to the source, which appeared to be a river where we lost the trail. Since we had reached the edge of our charter, we decided to turn back and continue exploring. In the night we were ambushed by some Thawns. After dealing with them, we found the treasure described on a map we found in the spider den. Continuing on, we discovered a massive tree. We decided to explore a cavern system under the roots that we found. Inside, we were attacked by mites and a massive centipede-like creature. A Kobold, we rescued, named Mikmak, told us that his tribe had been at war with the mites for a while, thanked us for slaughtering them, and left. Exploring the cave, we came upon a map that suggested to us that Oleg’s wedding ring was in the possession of the Kobolds. Alazan started to become ill from a spider bite I had suffered during the battle, so we returned to Oleg’s."



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